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About Me: “Lady homeopathic doctor
Dr.faiza hashmi is available now @ Aewaan Clinic gulshan e maymar
Near agha hospital . In.front of cricket ground
Contact 03411282333
ڈاکٹر فا یزہ ہاشمی. اعوان کلینک گلشن معمار نزد آغا ہسپتال …سن رایز اسکول ،کرکٹ گراونڈ کے سامنے6-9pm

Formerly DR. at Dr. Nadir Homeopathic Hospital and Cancer Research Centre


Our Experienced Dr. Specialization in Homoeopathic Treatments

  • Stones in Gall Bladder, Kidneys, Urinary Bladder.
  • Migraine,
  • Hepatitis “B” “C” ,
  • Cancer
  • All kinds of children,
  • Male and Female Physical & Mental Diseases

• Researching medical conditions and homeopathic remedies.
• Managing a business (and all that this entails: finance, taxation and marketing/promotion).
• Running seminars and presentations for groups in the community, or for other health practitioners, to promote homeopathy.
• Advising on lifestyle issues, such as diet, exercise and mental health.
• Referring the patient to other health practitioners, as appropriate.
• Maintaining detailed clinical notes and records for each patient.

Cancer Treatments through homoepathic natural medicine without any side effects:
Tthere is no need of chemo and radiation, mostly cases of Ca.125 and 15.3 ,prostate has been cured by these
simple homeo medicines.

  • Ovaritis
  • Ovarian cyst


To establish the positive role of Homeopathy in curing surgical diseas…

Nothing on this site is a recommendation as to how to treat any particular disease or health-related condition. You should not use this site as a substitute for professional medical advice. For serious ailments, or if symptoms persist, you must see a medical professional. You should not stop taking prescribed medication without consulting your doctor. Not all conditions will respond to homeopathic treatment.

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