Tongue say you all about your health

Tongue as an aid in Disease Diagnosis (Tongue say you all about your patients inter problem)
Pale – Anaemia.
Blue – Central cyanosis.
Bluish red – Polycythemia.
Black or black hairy tongue with hyper proliferation of Filliorm – Fungal infection.
Red tongue with sharp red tip and edges – D.M., Hyperchlorohydria.
Excessive red – pellagra, acute glossitis & advanced typhoid.
Dry brown tongue – Advanced uremia.
Straw berry tongue – Scarlet fever.
Brownish pigmentation on tongue- Addison’s disease
White or greyish coating – Constipation, tonsillitis, Chronic pharyngitis.
Thick white coating – Gastritis, Enteritis.
Blanket tongue (Thick white, coated dry, flabby tongue) – Rheumatic fever.
Leukoplakia or thick white patches of various size and shapes and adherent to underlying tissu...

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Commonly used abbreviations

Commonly used abbreviations
Rx = symbol for a prescription
a.c. = before meals
mg = milligram
alt. hor. = every other hour
mcg =microgram
A.M.or a.m. = morning
Aq = water
ml = milliliter
a.u. = each ear, both ears
NG = Nasogastric
a.d. = right ear
ng = nanogram
a. l. = left ear
NPO = nothing by mouth
b.i.d. =two times a day
o.d. = every day
BUN = blood urea nitrogen
O.D. = right eye
c = with
o.h. = every hour
Caps = capsules o.s.,
o.L. = left eye
CHF = congestive heart failure
os =mouth
cm = centimeter
o.u. = each eye, both eyes
oz. = once
d. = day
p.c. = after meals
® = right
dc = discontinue
p.o. = by mouth
dl = deciliter
P.R. = by rectum
dr = dram
per = by, through
elix. = elixir
prn = when necessary
g (gm) = gram
q = every
gr = grain
q.d. = every day
gtt = a drop, ...

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Its Japenese Technology ” Quantam Scalar Energy Pendent ”
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The combination of the minerals and the fusi...

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